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Gail Barnes Offers Criminal Defence Services in Vancouver

“Being charged with a criminal offence can be devastating. Being convicted of a criminal offence can have life-changing consequences. It can affect career opportunities, jobs, travel, status in the community, relationships. Don’t face a criminal charge alone. 


Gail Barnes has over thirty years of experience in the defence of all types of criminal cases from shoplifting to murder. She has handled cases in all levels of trial court in British Columbia and appears regularly in the criminal courts in the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam and other courts as the cases require.

Gail understands how traumatic the court process can be for clients. She knows how intimidating the court process can be and works hard to make sure her clients understand their legal options and the choices they will have in the process. For Gail, the defence of a criminal case is not just about knowing the law. It is also about understanding the case, recognizing the legal issues and arguments they require and the “back story” that is so important to know but is often missed by others. Most of all, it is about understanding her clients and how and why they got to the place where they need her help.

She prepares her cases thoroughly and believes that keeping her clients up to date on the court proceedings and ongoing communication with them is paramount to understanding what is needed to ensure the best result.

While Gail defends all types of criminal cases, she has a particular focus on the defence of all types of sexual offences, including sexual assault, possession of child pornography and sexual offences where the complainants are children. She pays great attention to detail in her preparation of cases and prides herself on her cross-examination skills and her organized and thoroughly researched submissions to the court. After her extensive experience, she is comfortable in court and has a great ability to “think on her feet”.

No lawyer can guarantee the result in the defence of a criminal case or predict its outcome. But Gail can guarantee that she will do her utmost to provide the best defence to her clients.

The initial consultation is free of charge.

Gail also has 24-hour telephone services in the event of emergencies when a client or loved one has been arrested and is in police custody.


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